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Discounted rates when attending our Annual Meeting and Expo, Quality Summit and free-standing training

Bi-weekly updates and ongoing support on reimbursement issues and regulatory changes

Opportunities to work one-on-one with lawmakers on the development of public policies


Assistance with media relations and recognition of your accomplishments through press releases and social media

In a Nutshell

We offer an array of services that help our members provide the best care for their residents. By joining, you are investing in your own career in long-term care and contributing to the prosperity of these facilities.


57,470 Number of direct and 
indirect jobs created

$683MTotal state, local and federal tax revenue generated

$5.13B Amount contributed to Kentucky’s economic activity

A Word from our Members

““I have learned that KAHCF provides services geared to make each of our facilities better as we share resources, information, and technology advances in order to provide the best services we can to those residents that we have the privilege to serve on a daily basis."

Chris Page, Chair of KAHCF Board,

Regional Vice President, Principle LTC

“KAHCF/KCAL always has our back. They have great connections and savvy business sense."

Amy Brown, AHCA Political Ambassador,

Administrator/CEO, Signature Healthcare at Jefferson Manor

PDPM Master Class Webinar Series:Effective Meetings PDPM



This webinar is on Tuesday, April 7th at 2:30-3:45pm EST. This session of the PDPM Master Class Series will review how daily clinical, Medicare, and triple-check meeting processes can be updated to ensure ongoing resident-centered assessment and identification of changes under PDPM. Best practices for review of newly admitted residents, incorporating IPA considerations, Interrupted Stay tracking, and assurance of continued skilled need will be emphasized along with ensuring clean claims through an effective pre-submission review process.


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PDPM Master Class Webinar Series:Effective Meetings PDPM
CANCELLED NIPP© Nursing Home Infection Prevention Prog 2.0
Methods of Instruction - Nurse Aide Training Course
Cancelled ! KAHCF 2020 Keeneland Spring Meet -April 22nd

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