Spring Cleaning and Pesticides with EPA Region 4

Spring is right around the corner, and so is spring cleaning! But did you know that the cleaning products you use at work may be considered pesticides?

 Before you spray, join the Environmental Protection Agency as we discuss pesticide safety for nursing homes, covering topics such as: reading pesticide labels, proper pesticide storage, and PPE use. We will also discuss the special considerations needed when applying antimicrobial pesticides and how to manage indoor air quality in the face of COVID-19. Finally, we’ll take a quick dive into the ever-present threat of bed bug infestations, as we discuss chemical and non-chemical methods for eliminating bed bug populations before they grow out of control.

Target Audience:  Nursing Home Administrators,  Infection Preventionist, Environmental Services, Maintenance, and Dietary Services


  • Savannah Merritt is a Life Scientist with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Land, Chemicals, and Redevelopment Division. She is on the Chemical Safety Section’s Pesticide Team, and works with states, tribes, and communities to regulate the effective use of pesticides in Region 4. She serves as the contact for the Georgia pesticides program and the regional contact for the EPA’s Worker Protection Standard, integrated pest management, bed bugs, and public outreach. She received her B.S.A. in Agricultural Economics and her B.S.E.S. in Environmental Economics from the University of Georgia


  • Rose Yeley is a Life Scientist at U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 4 in the Land, Chemicals and Redevelopment Division.  She works in the Chemical Safety Section and serves as the point of contact for outreach and education, pollinator protection, endangered species, and integrated pest management.  Rose is the project officer for the Mississippi pesticide grants and works with the federally recognized tribes in the southeast region. Rose graduated with a B.S. in Natural Resources and Environmental Science from the University of Kentucky.
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2/10/2022 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time

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